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Welcome to our new Belfast City community forum, a place where Belfast locals and visitors to the city can join in to chat about anything Belfast related. Our disccussion board is a bit empty at the moment, so we hope you will register today and have your say.

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Welcome General Belfast Chat & Inrtroductions
Chat about anything Belfast related, from news & local issues to celebrity spotting. Just joined? Pop by here first to say hello.
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Events What's On in Belfast
Have your say on the latest happenings in Belfast. Talk about upcoming or recent events, festivals, gigs, concerts & shows.
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Sightseeing Sightseeing in Belfast
Reccommend places to visit and attractions in Belfast. Are you a tourist in Belfast? Tell us about your recent visit and experiences.
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Shopping Belfast Shopping
Have you picked up a bargain recently? Share your shopping trips & tips with us. Tell us about your favourite Belfast shopping venues.
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Food and Dining Belfast Food and Dining
What are your favourite dishes and places to eat in Belfast? Reccommend Belfast restaurants or maybe share your recipes?
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Nightlife Belfast Nightlife
Discuss and reccommend Belfast pubs, bars and nightclubs. Why not share your night out experiences and tell us what's hot.
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Sport Belfast Sport and Leisure
What are your views on the latest Belfast sports events? Discuss the latest happenings in your favourite sport or leisure activities.
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History Belfast Memories and History
Get nostalgic and recall your memories of old Belfast. Why not share your knowledge of local history & contribute an article.
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Qestions Belfast Questions and Answers
Do you have a question relating to Belfast, but can't find the answer? Post your question here to our members for their help.
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Living Away Living Away
If you were born in Belfast or used to live in the area, but are now living further afield, get in touch and form your own little community.
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Friends and Relatives Friends & Relatives
Lost touch with old school friends, neighbours or relatives? Let us know and maybe one of our forum members can help you out.
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Other Chat Everything Else
Everything else really. Post your non-Belfast related topics, rants or raves here. Share your musical tastes or discuss the latest films.
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